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About Us

Who We Are

A girl with million dreams, just like any other small girl swinging in the park, peeping out of the window from school bus, inspired by women who are simply fierce and bold, wanting to grow up to that someone was not just a dream for this girl. This dream of creating her own brand started at the age of 17, without knowing how? But very confidently knowing why and I will create one was not a cake walk. I, Sandhya Sundarmoorthy, founder of GULUGULU HOMES is proud in presenting my brand right at the front of you. Retail and e-commerce have its own pros and cons but every detail is retail. Any platform that can make the customers happy and gives the best experience is all about retailing.

We at GULUGULU HOMES owe you transparency and the best shopping experience. We have handcrafted all the products with so much creativity, passion, and love. The decors curated here has undergone a lot of research and development before taking its form. None of the products are randomly picked and designed. An idea, is put into process, feasibility, current trend, quality, uniqueness, and durability and this is the R&D formula for each product at GULUGULU HOMES. From the colours we choose to the designs being unique at your homes are our basics. At this point I am overwhelmed to tell that GULUGULU HOMES is raised by the community of women. All the artists who work with us are women who are independent by making these art works and have a beautiful mindset for willing to work and not give up!! Such passionate women are always an inspiration. GULUGULU HOMES will give you reasons to come back for the customer service and quality. You will start loving handcrafts real sooner!!! And we women are representing you our world of arts and handcrafts. Let us create a community of positivity and wellness, welcome GULUGULU SQUAD, you are unique just like our products.


To build the brand that promotes handcrafts globally and to attain sustainability in the market

To encourage more women artists from all corners of the world as the foundation of the brand itself is raised by women

To build the community of GULUGULU SQUAD, towards social responsibility and oneness

To expand GULUGULU HOMES and reach to the rural parts and help women artists from rural and tribal communities to work along with us

Striving hard to make customers choose GULUGULU HOMES for satisfied and better shopping experience. We have a reason for you to come back

Why Choose Us

Hand Crafted to Perfection

Imperfection in handcrafts is common and perfection in handcrafts is rare and unseen, without finding the difference between machine and hand carved design we customise a product for our customers.

Unique and Trust

We assure you uniqueness and say you cannot find our products readily available in the market. We have got the trend before it reaches the hype.

Quality Assurance

Always keeping quality in mind, we have got the best detailing of the product right from our artists to your homes.

Helping Hand

We support passionate women artists from various parts of India, refraining them from every obstacle faced at home and society.

24/7 Support

We are listening to you and happy to serve you online and offline.